About Reborn Alliance

Reborn Raid Alliance is a raid alliance raiding on Friday and Saturday nights 8:00pm to 11:30pm EST. Most of our raiders are alts of experienced players. Raid forms at 8:00pm EST, enter first zone at 8:30pm EST, and complete raid no later than 11:30pm EST.

Raid timers will be set every Monday night from 8:30pm to 9:30pm EST with form up at 8:00pm EST. Raid timer setting is not mandatory, but all are encouraged to assist if available.

Share the following link if you have friends that would like to join: http://rebornalliance.gamerlaunch.com/index.php?gid=556784
In game chat channel: /join reborn_alliance

First raid is scheduled for 5 January 2018 at 8PM EST.

Full Membership: Players that participate in four consecutive raids after joining the alliance are granted full membership. Full membership allows members to alt bid plat for their alts. Full time membership is also contingent upon the Raid Council agreeing to accept that player as a full raid member. Not being accepted as a full time member can be due to missing raids, sucking at your class, or just being a dick. In other words, come to raid on time, know how to play your class, and dont be a dick. Each player must also visit the forums and agree to the Reborn Raid Alliance and reporly to the "Raid Alliance Rules", under the Members Discussion Page, to be accepted as a full time member.

Required Items:

1) Epic 2.0 is required to join the alliance. The exception to this is a player that has started their epic 2.0 and is in the process of finishing the quest line. Those players will be granted a 30 day grace period to obtain their epic 2.0. Exceptions to membership approval may be granted on a case by case basis depending on the needs of the raid force.

2) Bottle of Endless Courage or other anti-fear device or AA Spec.

3) Geared appropriately for raid to include white adorns, appropriate class specific purple adorns, PG ring with adorns. Example: Field of War purple rune for some classes (needed for some fights).

4) 15 million health to start raiding and working to 30 million or greater for caster/support classes.

5) Minimum of 10k plat on you if you plan to alt bid on an item. Plat splits are done on the spot.

6) Minimum of 558 Resolve for Tier 1 Raid Zones. Minimum of 617 Resolve for Tier 2 Raid Zones.

Suggested Potions/Food/Drink: Appropriate to class and resist stats per player. (Suggested items will change with the new PoP expansion)
     a) Twark Reprieve Potions (Elemental, Arcane, Noxious)
     b) Twark Remedy Potions (Elemental, Arcane, Noxious, Trauma)
     c) Twark Elixir of Thorn
     d) Brew of Readiness
     e) Potions of Thaumic Total Freedom
     f) Raid Tier Food and Drink: This can be expensive to buy, so harvest the fungus in Thalumbra for the Victornut and Battle Plaintain rares so someone can make them for you. (Strategist's Smoothie and Victornut Butter Tart). Also, Matron's Heart rare harvest, harvested from Matron's Nursery nodes in Plane of Magic to make Matron's Cobbler.

     This is not an all-inclusive list, but every class should have basic required items to boost their DPS and health.

Earned DKP:
     30 DKP per raid  (10 DKP per hour)
     5 DKP per progression kills for Tier 2 and higher (First time Raid Alliance kill only)
     10+ DKP for special events (Raid Leader discretion)

DKP Deductions:
     - 30 DKP Any main who misses two consecutive raids and an additonal - 30 DKP per raid.
     Excused absenses may be granted by Raid Leadership in the event of emergencies. Excused absences will not result in a DKP deduction.


DKP caps at 300.

  1. Mains may bid on any item they are going to equip on their main.
  2. Raid loot is based on DKP and priority position since last DKP win. Example: Player one has 130 DKP and Player two has 90 DKP. Player one wins an item and spends 30 DKP. Next Item drops and even though Player one has 10 DKP more than Player two, Player two is next in priority to win loot. This ensures that loot wins are based not only on DKP, but when the last time someone won loot during that raid was. Priority position is reset at the beginning of each raid.
  3. DKP bids is 30 DKP for Mounts, Equipable Items, (Other items may be included on this list without notice, at Raid Leader discretion). Winning resets player to bottom of priority. Mains wishing to bid will type "main" into reborn_alliance chat loot channel. Highest DKP wins. /ran 100 in case of a tie.
  4. DKP bid is 10 DKP for Mercenaries, Adornments, Infusers, Collection Items. Winning does not reset player to bottom of priority. Mains wishing to bid will type "main" into reborn_alliance chat loot channel. Highest DKP wins. /ran 100 in case of a tie.
  5. If no mains want an item. Members may bid 10k plat for their designated raid alt by stating “Alt plat”. All those bidding for the alt gear will then /random 100 to decide who wins the item. Immediately upon assignment of the item, the winner does a /split 10000.
  6. All items that no one bids on are assigned to the Raid Transmuter/Salvager to be used to make consumables (potions, infusers, etc) for raid use.
  7. Members bidding DKP for their main that give the item to an alt or sell the item, will be removed from the alliance.
  8. DKP will be posted weekly to the Reborn Alliance Forums on the website.

Scrolls/Books: (Normal and Ascension)

  1. Master Scrolls/Books, Ancient Scrolls/Books, Ascension Scrolls/Books: If you need a Scroll or Book for your main, simply ask Mesan. This is limited to one  per week and limited to your main.
  2. All Scrolls/Books not claimed for a main during raid, will be put in the Conflagration Guild Hall spell depot. The depot is set to visitor so everyone is able to browse the contents, but only the Guild Leader can remove the scrolls/books.
All decisions made by the Raid Council are final. If you have a concern or issue, bring it up in private chat with a Raid Council member, not in the open in voice or text.

Key Positions:

Raid Leader: Mesan (alts - Jaladar/Baneldar/Jaldador)

Raid Officers/Council: Qasha, Mirteen, Rubys

DKP Adjusters: Mesan

Main Assist: Hurtsgood

Main Tank Healer: Fienna

Raid Looter/Auctioneer: Mesan

No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em